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Favorite Boy Films
2015 and Beyond

This list of boy-centric films from 2018 was compiled by Silent (but DEADLY) in 2018 with invaluable contributions from francophile, Jim and Moody Richard

Favorite Boy Films (2015)

There has been no attempt to rank the films on this new list. It is simply meant to be a reference for outstanding films from this specific time period.

The film title is a clickable link to IMDb for detailed information and is accompanied by a representative image.

Films are arranged alphabetically within the year of their release.

14 Plus 2015

A Perfect Day 2015

Baby Bump 2015

Baby(a)lone 2015

Cop Car 2015

Demolition 2015

Ellos Volvieron (They Returned) 2015

Evolution 2015

Jurassic World 2015

King Jack 2015

La tête haute (Standing Tall) 2015

Le nouveau (The New Kid) 2015

Les démons (The Demons) 2015

Les filles au Moyen Âge 2015

Little Boy 2015

Max 2015

Microbe et Gasoil (Microbe and Gasoline) 2015

Mr. Holmes 2015

Rodinný film (Family Film) 2015

Room 2015

The Boy 2015

The Childhood of a Leader 2015

The Visit 2015

The Witch 2015

Under sandet (Land of Mine) 2015

Une Enfance (A Childhood) 2015

Vacation 2015